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Types of Projects:

Coles & Associates, Inc. has been involved in revaluation and reassessment projects since opening for business in 1991. To date we have been involved with 15+ municipalities with over 45,000 parcels. We have performed full data collection and revaluation projects for municipalities ranging in size from 700 to 13,000 parcels. Our most current projects are repeat clients with annual reassessment plans and/or keeping assessment rolls at 100% of value.

Some municipalities request only our expertise in performing commercial reassessment or a new land schedule. We will gladly discuss the scope of work needed for your project and quote a fee for just those services.

Our firm is one of a very few in New York with expertise in reassessment/revaluation and fee appraisal work. Reassessment/revaluation represents the mass appraisal realm of property valuation. Fee appraisal represents a single property valuation. While the valuation programs vary, the underlying principals are the same. This becomes critical when the owner of a residence wants to discuss how we arrived at his/her value; followed by the owner of a lake front property who may be followed by the owner distribution warehouse complex or farm. Each one of these owners deserves an intelligent discussion about the valuation of their property. As a firm that performs all types of appraisals, we can give property owners confidence in the process and municipalities' confidence that the value is defendable and equitable.

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