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Coles and Associates, Inc. is a real estate appraisal firm started in 1991 to do residential, commercial and farm appraisals. In addition, with backgrounds in assessment practices, we also began contracting to do revaluation projects. Company president, Mike Coles worked in the New York State Division of Equalization and Assessment (now the Office of Real Property Services) for two years prior to becoming an independent fee appraiser.

Since 1991 we have performed thousands of appraisals on many types of properties for many purposes. We have continuously updated our skills and maintained contact with a network of appraisers to keep abreast of the industry.

Our office is located in Elmira, New York. We cover an eight county area for residential appraisals. Commercial appraisals, farm appraisals and revaluation projects are performed throughout upstate New York.

Our revaluation/reassessment work exceeds 20 projects with over 45,000 parcels. Much of our business today is repeat clients. We strive to achieve an ongoing relationship with clients after the project has ended. We remain available to provide clients with answers to valuation questions that relate to assessment practices. Our most recent projects involve annual reassessment plans; keeping the assessment roll and 100% of market value; and performing the process to achieve state aid reimbursement.

Our real estate appraisals cover a wide breadth and depth from single family residential to complex commercial properties. A more in-depth list is available from the home page.

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Coles & Associates, Inc., PO Box 4141, Ithaca NY 14852-4141
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